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  • About Gregg

    Gregg has lived in several states. He has spent most of his life in the caring professions where he has developed a vast experience over the years in all kinds of practice settings.. He has worked as a health professional for the last 35 years having studied to Masters Level in nursing.

    Gregg not only uses this knowledge and experience gained over the years but also the special knowledge observation, relating and caring the welfare of animals. He enables people to express their fears and concerns of their precious pets and ensures they receive the care and attention their families expect when placed into care while families are on leave from their best friends.

  • About Ian

    Ian had lived and worked in various states of Australia, focussing mainly on the disability sector, his areas of expertise encompass business management, quality control, systems improvement and a passion for animal welfare.

    Ian has had 24 years experience in the world of dogs, having been an exhibitor and well respected breeder.

    Together with Gregg they have built up a reputation that has seen their love of the Newfoundland go from strength to strength. Breeding and exhibiting under the Newfashion prefix they have bred 30 champions both locally, interstate and overseas.

A few words.

Murray Bridge Boarding Kennels is proudly owned and operated by Ian Harland and Gregg Barr.

Gregg and Ian are committed to providing their clientele with service excellence including tailored packages to suit individual pet requirements.

Please call or email us to discuss your pet's needs.